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How management shop, allowing you to shop rapid growth, as sources, shelves, decoration shop you can refer to other people's essence of tailgating. Here are my groping three years experience in these three months and then practice and proven, currently my monthly income of more than ten thousand.

Why is there no store business, is no credit. This is well known, how to earn credit from the formal channels. Here to provide three ways to quickly earn a regular credit.

Step 1 - Do virtual products, such as game cards, game cards with many platforms can goods, as long as you take the prices of goods sold as you will soon have your first customer site, but the virtual goods transactions There are a lot of scam, so selling virtual must take a few days before the virtual goods exchange zone to learn, otherwise would be wasted. If the intention to do so, a month can definitely do a drill. There are a lot of sellers are relying on selling cards prior to enhance credit, wait until there is a certain degree of credit after the switch, this is currently allowed.

Step 2 - Switch to what you really want to sell products in the industry. Credit is due to a previous virtual product credit, so you change jobs after only a few novice buyers will not look at credit will buy your stuff, a little on Taobao stay there for some time people will not buy it, then the rest is done kind of credit. Kind of credit come from it? Auction! Auction is the best and fastest way to earn credits. Although it will lose money, but take a long-term perspective that a single if you lose $ 10, you auctioned 50 you will lose $ 500, then you can earn 50 praise. This calculation you feel very uneconomical, if well chosen, then the auction product, some auctions will not be at a loss, you can also make money. If you did not get some of the things people want in the above shot, of course, can not afford the price to beat. Here to make a example, when I had just started to pick up some cartoon wallet auction, getting goods about 5 ringgit or so, the average selling price on Taobao is 8-15 ringgit, I take this product to the auction, the highest take 8 ringgit on No bids, and generally when it can only take 3 ringgit nobody bids, and this means, an auction down plus freight to lose 10-12 ringgit, because the value of goods is not that high, so the film is not a good price. Sum up experience, I changed a women long wallet auction, this wallet is about to take the prices of goods in the 20 ringgit or so, the average selling price in Taobao is 50 ringgit or so, then I auction this wallet quality assurance Meanwhile, people are generally bid out to 30-40 ringgit, such an auction down, but did not lose money, you may also earn a few ringgit, the worst of times can also be protected. So be sure to select a good product auction, do not think anyway, auctions are losing money, I would choose to take the lowest bidder, I thought I could afford to lose less, not because of the value of goods is not high, you can not expect people to pay high prices, except to Taobao The whole is a fool. Of course, things do not bring too much value to the auction, so much, in short, to test yourself slowly.

Step 3 - When you lose a little money to do some kind auction also earned praise, you will earn more physical praise, how do? Free gifts! Auction this time outside of the possible exception of one or two single business came. This time is necessary to grasp all of the buyers give you more praise, how to do? People just can not buy you something. Then shoot six people connected to it, so is the hype, is not allowed, but you can sell a few things to him, such as: if someone took the time the auction your product, you can tell him auctions shipping, and while the store to buy other products are also free postage, then in addition to Free International you can give him some concessions. In short, the initial time not thinking about money, do you want to think of assessment, to be thinking about the future interests. If he does not buy the products you recommend, how to do? You send something to him he always right! This time can be appropriate to take some of the lower-priced gifts back, but must let him shoot down, then the price change to the penny, now sellers are Yongzhe Zhao, I think this does not count foul it. If the foul, I can now report one hundred such a seller out! Short sell first, to making money, they try to make money, not make money, send gifts to him, earning him praise. With any one person to come to your store, do not miss this opportunity, because people buy a thing you have recognized your equal. You to sell him the chance of success than an unfamiliar ring buyers to sell much greater chance of success.


The first three steps done, you might almost three drilled, your business may have been slowly getting better, and every day there may be 5-6 pen alone, and this time you do not want to lose money. Yes, now plan to make money. Start making money of course, have invested, and only pay will have a harvest, to pay in addition to physical and mental, there is money. Here there are several places to spend money to non-essential.

1, To participate in consumer protection, this general category spend 1000-2000 ringgit, according to your industry may be, plus the benefits of this is to make buyers more confidence in you, you can add seven days no reason to return, so that buyers do not think worries, this will definitely bring some turnover opportunities.


2, Buy outlets.This consumer protection seller 30 ringgit a month, non-Consumer Protection RM50 a month, if not a lot of Pu decoration are impossible, I bought Pu, no decoration, think it is a waste, but I bought a fancy Pu is his another function, pictures can be bigger than normal shops, so buyers come see more clearly, the opportunity to deal a little bigger.

3, Taobao sellers other services, in short, all have to buy each one has to use. I used the feel good, not explained in detail here. Just say my favorite thing is the picture space, a month to spend much money, but added a lot easier, a lot of speed, but they also open the picture buyers a lot faster. I had a picture with the 51. Now a new product is to use Taobao picture space, shelves when the ultra-code saves more than half the time, for sellers, time is very important, and if it is no business of the seller, one day was added to twelve certainly do not feel that time What is important, but for our species, every day dozens of new products in the growing time, you will feel that time is very important. Also, a good shop with a package of statistics and I feel good.

4 Train. Many people say that train too costly, it is because he will not use, do not have a good way, not even a shop are open well, train with the bad thing is normal, do not blame others train well, To blame blame yourself not use them well. If the train is not good, did not bring you traffic, then you spend the money is how it? Does no one will walk on his own money, then you? I spent about ten dollars train one day, but I three or four hundred dollars a day on average income, I feel good, in the end is how to use and have time to discuss.

Want to say here is if you want to send your products through train, then a very important one to do first job is to put your product sizzling, then stir and then train, so do not make money strange. If you own the product is cold, got it may not be useful, or in my shop such as a wallet to make a right! First, choose a relatively low profit wallet do train, others shop selling 188 ringgit, I only sell 98 ringgit, not on the train in, I was thinking to use this to sell, as long as one came in my shop of people, I think they would sell him this purse, I really like about this wallet, marketing is also a great chance of success, so not on the train before, this will have a turnover of more than a dozen records, and with these Records, and then provide this added about scouring off promotion, commission set high point of their lives for your people came. This will bring more transaction records, and then if you take this product train, as long as there is this need, and will definitely buy, in addition to price, other aspects you are doing well, and people also there is no reason not to choose How about you?

When in front of you are ready, your business should get better, this time you wanted to do more and do better long-term business must have integrity and passion to pave the way, these two points are very important .

I am currently shop score is 4.9 per one, and find something I bought about 60 percent of people are willing to give me a word with the evaluation, and this is where I am most proud of. Taobao to buy things people are lazy, and generally bought to praise the good, who are willing to write to commend you, ah, only you in the process of selling things very enthusiastic people left a very deep impression on people be willing to spend time in the evaluation of the time voluntarily write a few words. In this process, specifically how to make your guests impressed you, you have time to say.

In addition it must be good after-sales service, so as to keep your shop favorable rate. Also to add is the supply, price and so on, many aspects are very important.

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