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We can not waste time, in the end how to do shop, in the end how to do to make money?


This is my purpose, but also we urgently want to know, handle every day these dazzling posts, I see thoughtfully came to understand, in fact, was confused and did not know what to do, I then stop, wrote for this post.


Beginners early need to do:


(1) Find a good supply, and a deep understanding of their
Supply relationship true customer experience, a good supply shop is a guarantee of long-term trend continues, we must ensure quality.

Do not sell the goods sold with no, or poor quality, lack of experience to the customer, it can not form a second or even more times the purchasing power.

I hope you all go to find a good supply, even if it took some effort and effort is worth it. First to understand that human needs are not the same. Some people just love a bargain, some people seek is a kind of enjoyment, so to find sources, you should carefully consider which to face the market, buyers needs careful analysis, we can do good. Remember, product quality must be guaranteed.

Now many sellers have not supply, I do not recommend the agent, in the absence of a good supply when looking through your phone book and see what friends are doing, there is no one can provide you with sources, contacts that fiscal Well veins.
At the time of purchase can not be their own preferences, the key is to seize the market demand and the public's preferences.

It did not go to the local wholesale supply to take it.

(PS: This shop is developed to solve the fundamental sources, is the foundation, and now think about how to solve your supply it.)


(2) Renovated the shop, to the atmosphere, to be beautiful.
A shop gives the first impression is very important, shop style, shop atmosphere have to let everyone into the store strongly felt, and is the showcase of your product, introduce your baby . And then try to get customers need it in the first time to see and understand your product.

And there are a psychological factor, the first effect, the first impression can often determine a lot of things, including the most important: the turnover of the psychological implications. A shop looks beautiful home atmosphere and can make people feel professional, trusted, atmospheric shop signs, fine dynamic promotion modules, coupled with a good reputation, full of the baby rather than long-winded description, etc., these details are is to promote the psychological implications of transactions, so that the decoration must be ready, Pu is a must, Pu what? To trading very busy shop, super multi-module plus custom features, you can realize their entrepreneurial design shop to show their style, has its own unique characteristics shop, eventually forming his own ultimate weapon.

(PS: shop fitting first impression is very important, now think about what your decoration lack of it.)

(3) Pictures and descriptions, processing, shelves.
Note that the product photograph is the biggest factor to facilitate transactions, not reluctant to invest, to buy a similar camera, borrow money to buy, photography lights, homemade studio, background wood, etc., can make their own money to buy, there are many online Similar tutorials, (PS going to learn, all for a nice photo). About shelves, is a physical work, Taobao assistant must be familiar with the use of this software, you can save a lot of time, the community has many tutorials.

(PS: real photos is the biggest factor to facilitate transactions, and now think about how your picture should improve it.)

Focus: Traffic is king
You supply better, shop and then beautifully photographs look good, no one to patronize you, nothing else. Website SEO has a strong quote, flow is king, flow is very important, it is directly related to the purpose you have come to Taobao - to make money, you can say, how much traffic you can have, how much money you can. So, how to make your own traffic up it?

Flow in said before that under the statistical software, statistical software is a must, and here I recommend quantum shops statistical tools can be very intuitive and detailed understanding of their store traffic. We want to promote, throwing open a shop where it is useless to customers how to find your store it, usually through Taobao station search, so search ranking rules are very important.

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