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Internet users around the world, nearly billions of dollars of online shopping. With the increasing number of Internet users, online shopping combined annual turnover of close to ten billion, the face of such a large cake, more and more people are choosing online open net. Open shop, nowadays has become a very stylish and magical things. However, due to various reasons, many people do not use the system to set up shop shop truly their own, choosing instead to Taobao, eBay and other C2C e-commerce platform to open a shop, inevitably some depend on others, quite a lot of constraints, difficult to grow and so sorry. Below, we will work together to analyze the benefits of the five independent shop opened.

★ 1. Brand building

2. The freedom of design ★

★ 3. Rich functionality ★

★ 4. More promotion ★

★ 5. Expand the network market ★

These conditions, you can begin to build up their own shop. Why not act now!

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