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Health and wealth, which is more important? When the issue was raised when different people have different answers. Some people insist that, in our lives, health plays a more important role, but others believe health can bring us more benefits. Select wealth, because wealth can cure the body, etc. so with health?
Human health from human Crawford, who comes from the wealth of human blessings. Ford is in the family inside the establishment, can truly filial piety, there is indebted and grateful heart is the life of Crawford; dedicated people can do good things in the community to do charity, also called "doing no wrongs do pursue the public good "This is life's blessings. Ford people only after a healthy; indebted people only after have wisdom. People have a healthy and wise is life's blessings. Have good health and wise life, to enjoy earthly blessings.

It is said that health is wealth can not buy, do you believe it? People tend to chase fame and fortune at the expense of their own health, and health is gone, fame has gone. "Detour" is difficult to get rid of the evil man, and in the pursuit of material success, often thought that the best is always in the distance, so hard to pursue, look. In fact, there is one in the capital can not be bought with money, and this is healthy. But people are unknowingly neglected to hold the greatest wealth health.
Today's society has developed rapidly, changing quickly. A short period of thirty years, society will face dramatic changes. Every one of us want to be able to live happily ever after. A young man, to make a living, desperately overdraw health, people are even willing to come at the expense of their health and wealth in exchange for money growth, so old and used the money to buy healthy, often still suffer, why bother? How many people struggle for a lifetime, the body is still tough, but it remains uncorrupted, until old age, but unemployed, have no health wealth, what is the use?

Rich people can every day, Dried Seafood, eat shine, and cause harm to life without realizing it, such as when they are found, they can not wait cleared family wealth in exchange for health, to the time it is too late?

The body is a non-stop operation of the machine. Want to have a healthy body and mind, we must first have a good lifestyle. In addition to going to bed early to get up early, do not stay up late, we should also do experts call "a reasonable diet, regular exercise, quit alcohol limit, balanced state of mind," life chapter has to do with a regular section. Also, get rid of all the bad habits, such as smoking habit, recognized worldwide only harm to the human body, there is no benefit. Appropriate to drink low alcohol wine to affect physical health, but also act as a "medicinal" role. But drinking have a degree, "less is tonic drink, drink is poison."

In order to have a healthy body and mind, in addition to hard work and study, take good care of the family, we wish according to their actual situation, to find a their favorite thing to do is. Just think, when we greet the morning sun run, breathe fresh air, listening to the crisp bird, seen from the serene to the busy city. You can find a suitable way to exercise, through effective forms to keep myself energetic and sharp thinking. Have good health, to let us have more energy to face the pressures of work and life, so that we can enjoy the good life.

How many people in order to get wealth, while the day doing something injurious to health? And how many people have to spend wealth, is to return for health? Wealth and health, why not kill two birds and it? Health is life. You just have more money, they can not with a healthy body equivalent. That is, your job and your all acts, should live to maintain their own health as a criterion. This is what a person can top tips for health and longevity.

I think that health and wealth are important in our lives. Good health is the greatest wealth, if you are healthy, you are your own wealth, household wealth, the wealth of society.

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