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(1) Do a good job of suppliers online review
From the outset, abandoned unqualified suppliers.
1, If there is a separate site? Have some viability vendors generally do not not have their own website.

2, Whether the site has the exact address, contact information?

Some sites even have no business address, so that will certainly increase your risk. You had better look at their telephone call, an effective method of verifying your phone, two further review by talking to the other party. If possible, local friends to field look better. Number of attribution under investigation to determine the location of wholesalers, see feedback.

3,Goods pictures are taken in kind? Is best to find itself as "in-kind shooting" suppliers.

(2)Purchase a very important way of

1,In addition to comparing online photos, it is best to choose the goods required video as well. Purpose is to feel the physical effects can further reduce your misjudgment of the goods, and secondly meet online to help you establish a direct impression and increase trust. We are real people, rather than a code online. Much of this opportunity to meet the two sides are also more likely to form a sense of trust, and communication will be more direct. This facilitates the grasp of goods and style.

2, Purchase generally gradual, start small, and gradually increase the purchase amount. This accumulation of knowledge, increase trust. Also avoid once fooled. Some vendors put the first purchase of a high volume setting, so will undoubtedly increase as you purchase business risk. For such cooperation, you will need to make a question mark.

(3) Purchase and pay attention
Do not be too hasty, be sure to see more and more searches. Be patient. Indeed, in the online purchase a bit boring, so many pages are boring, persevering.

And comparing. Similar products will be the same as a lot of people have the. Do not just look a that are similar. As the saying goes "shop around."

Be sure to ask. Quality, fabric, price, size, amount of purchase, return service, etc., as long as there are questions to ask, Do not be embarrassed, the other troublesome, on for one, but not the only one he has such goods.

Do not rush to express their preference for this product and urgent desire to buy, this is often difficult to talk the price down.

Try to choose a kind shooting businesses.

Each of the wholesale photo albums in the bag, of course, is to be worthy of the oh, so convenient for your next purchase.

Must be integrated costing. Individual items at wholesale prices closed freight is not to look at the wholesale price, and some freight is very high, with opinions uneconomical, purchase the former must understand the market, this is very important.

8, The purchase price must take with Taobao contrast, do not think that is cheap wholesale, we must learn to price comparison.

(4) How low-priced goods in the wholesale market into
The first school cant restock. "This how to take", "The few color?", "65 okay?" Wait, do not say "This how to sell ah", "What color" and the like, a rookie look, definitely slaughtered. There are many experienced buyers will go to the wholesale market bargains, a buy on several pieces, almost with us, so we must first learn black words, lest into the goods, the price is higher than the buyer's brought, code all right, transfer cargo time a few days, which shall go Well dressed, I now do not carry black plastic bags, and destroyed a small shoulder bag in the chest, Oh, remember touch, rather than asking the East West asked; not try to get up and go out into his body, but look at the details; want to ask "how well goods go", "fat price" (wholesale price) number, "several color", "take the hand" (the number of same style colored clothes each one), "string shall not?" (refers to the mixed batch) and so on.

The first two principles, if not remember, tell the boss I am a novice to purchase, and specifically looking for long-term stable cooperative supply (this is very important), what do not understand ask directly go once knew it.

In addition, after delivery, as long as the number of points can be clear, no one watching spot one, of course, must be used with the boss said, okay, if there are problems Take back change, things generally little difference in the same batch.

Get the goods in Guangdong: Part 1: How many beauties of this paragraph? (Generally the other will ask, you do there? How you want to take? Means which city you are in, how many?) Can say: "I want to go home hang a version of "Southern play goods generally as long as S, M, North M, L (meaning that the reaction to take this money home to see). But best not to take only one, the other will not give you. When getting goods to the care of a motorcycle, or a large bag, or others will not value you. Either you took a book, write preceding number, so that people will think you fixed large cargo.

Section 2: beauties, my great amount Oh, just one small point first, to see the reaction to take home, and I back to a single large, cheaper. (Meaning that the money is good, come home to find you replenishment); Section 3: If your transaction, billing requirements, leaving the card number and other account credited entertain, to facilitate future supplement.

Average wholesale replenishment is very slow, so if you travel long distances it is best to look at the quasi-foot cargo play, if cautiously, it needs your shopping guide is very positive, the new attention to the shop immediately after it tried to see rates and billing rates, replenishment must be timely. Not sold supplement. Long may you sell someone else to sell better. Sometimes the fabric so no, not on the goods also fill. Ordering period is too long, or simply did not have.

The general wholesale purchase from midnight 1:00 onwards, there are a lot of novice until noon to go forward, people do not pay attention you love, good things also grab over others.

See more, shop around, a lot of similar things in the market are similar. Also, go to the wholesale market, the same city more cost effective, if you go to other cities ... unless you're going to pick the goods, or travel and freight is very worthwhile.

(5) How to go about getting goods wholesale market
(In clothing, for example commentary)
There must purchase one looks like. For example, dress, dress, looks like a purchase to look, do not dress better than the star also star, you thought it was a catwalk Yeah, people do not kill you kill anyone. Longer have, the purchase is a manual labor. Things simple is best, If you have small carts or take a black bag would be better, which is almost equivalent to purchase clothing logo. This trick is very effective, I tried. I purchase it, who hang a bag, hand pulling small carts, hastily rushed to market. I have a scene, those cute little leering MM to stare at me in a place called the boss left, right, one called the boss, do jumping with joy in my heart. A moment that gave me a discount, while talking to my youngest batch, made me feel that night when they wake up laughing.

Getting goods to have anyone out in front of good planning to get into what goods, to bring much money, must all be OK. Especially novices, we must also pay attention to, how much money in the wholesale market is not enough, those beautiful women who do not care you have no money to take the bus back. Can not give them dizzy head, and do not see your favorite stuff a mad forward, you have to remember, the stuff is not for you to wear, is to sell you the customer, you do not represent their vision. I purchase it in the wholesale market, MM are not incensed me, that book in my hands refused to let me down, watching the MM look in the eyes, I can only clench Yinya cruel turn around and left, Although I was very sad, but I know how much money pocket. We can refer to my experience, know when to learn rejected.

Do not rush to purchase, the first multi-visit a few shops, a look at the clothes of the general price, not to ignore. In the morning usually do the wholesale level, the treasurer who can drive past a little earlier, it should be able to get better prices. Arrival time to ask how the goods, how batches? Do not know what to ask what, do not shilly-Nenets, care about how people will say, the market is so large, it is more than one, not a good reception on the flash, go to Other stores carry a good attitude.

In conclusion, visiting the wholesale market is not an easy thing, especially for the novice, as is the lack of experience get very cheap sources of supply, but also to plan Dan fine dried into account calculations, to waste a lot of effort. Why, if a recent graduate and a leading cadre sitting on banquet table, they draw the line on the situation with ease, while you're trembling, is not other people's snacks. In fact, many cities do not have such a wholesale market, then those of us who shop how to do it?

(6) Small wholesale purchase points
The user must select TrustPass

Must choose to support Alipay secured transactions are not supported, no matter how good things and do not be tempted

The same sources inside, choose those products really making businesses so that at least you can visually see the product quality. At the same time pay more attention to other details. Such as: returned regime, logistics, etc., and then a small amount into a little first determine the quality is good or bad, and then decide whether or not to add products.

Pay more attention to small wholesale activities are currently on the activities often do "factory direct supply", "red diamond special for", "boutique street" Taobao is to provide a small two should talk down the price than ordinary businesses relatively high, most of them have really making plans.

Multi-comparison, more contrast what to do? In addition to using the search and selection, here is a way: You have to observe the update speed shop to see if it is how long it will store product updates, can not keep up with the pace of the market, so that you can know the supplier is not in the heart operating online channels, general services such as network operators are good. Compare to similar products through multiple, you can know which stores the fastest updates, because only manufacturers or large wholesalers have the ability to get the latest and most fashionable products, so we can easily find the source of the product.

(7) Then how to make it less risk-averse
Forum offers many friends you experience all values ​​according to their actual situation checkmark into the seat. But there is still the mainstream to the wholesale market, the proposed purchase of a friend or go to the wholesale market-based, network, supplemented by some more appropriate approach. Dear friends go to the market after the purchase, when asked if they can put a new stock image upload, such as answering some of you write down their network contact, try to understand what they themed goods is right for you, then went more attention The wholesalers, so make good use of the network is definitely a multiplier. If pawnshops wholesale synchronized with the network it is best, because you are familiar with him, after all, to see the picture, you can rest assured that let him give you shipped.

Plus some basic businesses identify network reliability index: whether through the certification authority of the legitimate industrial and commercial and tax registration license; whether the entity or pawnshops wholesale showrooms, can come personally getting goods; whether the product is taken in kind, there is no treated; whether you can first send him to you to pick the money kind of clothing; communicate with the merchant what other time if there are more obscure important differential base.

Reflect the network received a lot of friends than the market is high, you're not hard to find the reason, as long as you a little experience, you get the kind of clothing with your local wholesale goods than it should be able to determine the price of such clothes such values ​​are not value you into a large cargo. Network so many businesses than any one in your wholesale businesses need to make more, prices are more open, as long as you can find the true intentions of completely primary sources of genuine wholesale suppliers.

(8) To master skills lower purchase risk purchase
1, Is now doing business many people think: what the market will sell me into something. They think it is the safest, indeed grasp. In fact, this is a mature product in the suit business. Regardless of how to sell products, to sell is true. However, due to competition you can earn money on really did not grasp it. Why? Surest profitable because the product is not in the mature stage, but in the growth stage. You may recall the beginning of our everyday products are selling expensive, to mature on the cheap, in fact, is lower profits. The other hand, businesses have long experienced agent, you can only do it again the following points in his very little profit it.

And now many people think that doing business: I purchase go directly to the manufacturers
In fact, ex-factory price is also a rule, as long as there is a proxy where you go to get the factory is not the lowest price. Because the manufacturers want to protect the interests of agents, you're also went to manufacturers which is equal to the local dealer to get the goods as expensive. If the product is not in your local agents, which are often ex-factory for things according to the amount of purchase, that is, into the multi-price is low. This creates more money will improve competitiveness of the phenomenon. Some large distributors to the factory a mouth is: You do not ask how much I can get into, you can produce this year, how much factory?
I advise a friend or multi-point analysis. The best way is to make new products agents. In fact, most people think it really is not sure the surest!

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