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What is online payment

Online payment is based on electronic payments developed on the basis that it is one of the latest developments in electronic payment stage, the network is based on the Internet and pay for the development of e-commerce development in electronic payment.

Online payment, also known as online payment and settlement, English generally described as Net Payment or Internet Payment, it refers to the web-based e-finance to commercial electronic tools and various trading cards for the media, the use of modern computer technology and communication technology as a means, in particular through a computer network Internet, transmission of information in electronic form to achieve the circulation and payments. so the network for Internet payments are imprinted with a strong, so many places altogether called Internet Payment, which is based on the Internet core e-commerce.

Online payment function
1, certification parties to the transaction, to prevent payment fraud. Ability to use digital signatures and digital certificates to online business parties to achieve certification to prevent payment fraud, the parties involved in online trading validity of identity authentication, certification body or Registrar to the parties involved issuing digital certificates to verify the legitimacy of their identity.

2, encryption information flow. Single key system or dual key system for encryption and decryption of information, you can use the digital envelopes, digital signature technology to enhance data confidentiality and integrity, to prevent unauthorized third access to information by the true meaning.

3, the digital message digest algorithm confirm the authenticity of electronic payments in order to protect data from unauthorized creation, embedding, deletion, alteration, reproduction, etc., to reach the receiver intact one, you can use the data hashing techniques.

4, to ensure the business transactions and non-repudiation, when online trading both sides of a dispute, particularly with regard to the dispute settlement system to ensure the relevant acts or business repudiation. Online payment system must process the transaction generate or provide enough sufficient evidence to quickly identify disputes of right and wrong, you can use digital signature technology to achieve.

5, the multilateral trading business processing network payment issues. Settlement involving customers, merchants and banks and other parties, the transmission of information and payment instructions purchases of information must also be connected together, because businesses pay only confirm some information before continuing transaction, the bank will only confirm the payment offered to pay in order to ensure the safety, businesses can not read the customer's payment instructions, the bank can not read the merchant's purchase information, such multilateral relations can pay to borrow double figures provided by the system, such as signature technology to achieve.

6, to improve payment efficiency online payment procedures and the process is not complicated. Paying high efficiency.

Online payment feature

Compared with the traditional method of payment, online payment with the following characteristics:
1, online payment is through the use of advanced technology to complete the transfer of digital information transmission, its various payment methods are based on the digital way of the payment of money; while the traditional method of payment is through cash flow, transfers and notes Exchange Bank and other physical entities is to complete the payment of money circulation.

2, the network paid for the work environment is based on an open system platform (ie Internet) among; while the more traditional payment is in the closed system operation.

3, online payment using the most advanced means of communication, such as the Internet, Extranet. While using traditional payment is the traditional medium of communication. Networks pay for software and hardware facilities, demanding, generally require a networked computer, related software and some other facilities, while traditional payment is not so high demand.

4, online payment is convenient, fast, efficient and economical advantages. Users only have a PC with Internet access, you can stay at home, in a very short period of time to complete the entire payment process to pay only the equivalent of traditional payment a few tenth, or even a few per cent. Online payment can completely break through time and space constraints, to meet the 24/7 (7 days a week, 24 hours a day) mode of operation, the high efficiency of its traditional Payment can not. .

Online payment process

Internet-based online payment platform general process is as follows:
1, the customer enters Internet, browse through online product tour is to select goods, fill out web order, select Apply online payment settlement tool, and get authorized to use the bank, such as bank cards, electronic purse, electronic cash, electronic checks or network bank account.

2, the client of the relevant order information, such as payment information is encrypted, submit online orders.

3, the merchant server to the client ordering information for checking, validation, and the related, encrypted customer payment information forwarded to the payment gateway, until the bank private network banking back-office business server acknowledges, in order from the bank and other electronic money issuer verification get paid authorized capital.

4, the bank verification confirmation, through the payment gateway set up via an encrypted communication channel to the merchant server returns confirmation and payment billing information, as further security to customers loopback payment authorization request (also available without).

5, the banks get customers coming from further authorization billing information on the funds transferred from the customer's account to the e-commerce merchant bank account, and help finance private network for settlement, and separately to the merchant, the client sends information on payment and settlement success .

6, the merchant bank server receives information sent to the successful settlement after successful payment to the customer to send network messages and delivery notifications. Thus, a typical online payment settlement process ends. Merchants and customers were using their own funds to balance the network query information to further verification.
More general process of online payment only to pay for the current settlement various network application process generally summed up, which means that the application of a variety of network payment processes are identical, but broadly complied with the process.

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