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About shop processes, I think you already know almost the same. The next question comes is this: open shop selling what the most profitable? Really ah. No market to sell what it? Online shopping to buy what people generally?

I've looked at some statistics from the top down shop sales top 5 categories are:

A clothing footwear category (primarily for women)

2 cosmetics (including slimming / body, etc.)

3 virtual (phone recharge, game currency, game equipment, Q coins, etc.)

4 IT category (mobile phones, computers and their accessories, etc.)

5 maternal and infant supplies

In general, clothes and shoes and cosmetics category have relatively large profit margins. Those shop earn 10 year tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of sellers, not selling ladies that sell cosmetics (weight / body) of. I have a friend who is a full-selling women's, ladies genuine high imitation - is the same style with the brand-name products, work is also good, but it is other brands. He claimed hundreds of thousands a year, but I guess his real profit may be even more, because his daily courier are hundreds of pieces of hundreds of pieces out. A 10 ringgit, one day earn thousands. We all know that a dress is usually more than the profits of RM10. Cosmetics profit is even greater, especially Slimming class. Woman to the United States, it can pay a lot of.

Virtual product category margins very less (unless your product is not normal antecedents, such as your Q coins are black come). Like mobile phone recharge cards (Mobile / Unicom / Telecom) and the like, generally you sell one, profit is only a few cents or even a fraction. Nevertheless, the online shop selling mobile phone recharge seller dime a dozen. Many sellers also sell other products to sell part-time mobile phone recharge. Why is this? Because selling virtual products to improve their seller reputation fastest and most effective method. We all know that some businesses are reputable level. The higher the level the more reputable buyers able to obtain the trust, which I believe bought anything online knows that. While selling mobile phone recharge cards, a few minutes to complete a transaction, the transaction is completed, buyers can get a general praise. So selling mobile phone recharge cards are the fastest and most effective cumulative own Seller a way.

Mobile phones, computers and related accessories generally relatively large volume of transactions, profit margins in general. In reality, many of these shops are often open Taobao also opened a shop. I was in line to buy a lot of computer accessories, these sellers often have a physical store.

Maternal and infant supplies online shopping, or more people, pregnant women or women who have just given birth are generally less convenient to go shopping, so online shopping has become a good choice for them. Milk, pregnant clothes, radiation clothing, diapers, bottles, pacifiers, prenatal products have good potential market.

In fact, in the online shop, it is best to sell their favorite, to understand things, and there is a fixed supply. They know or like, you can better understand the needs of buyers.

Also sell things online, not necessarily to sell physical products, you can sell services. For instance, your literary talent well, then you can sell "writing services" such as you are a web designer, you can provide website design services online. Service everywhere you can think hard about.

For his is the best, not just to buy things, sell things is the same.

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