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In online shopping must pay attention, there are many deceptions, so buyers must be careful. Carefully analyzed, as the buyer must pay attention to safety is the most important, and often you can hear a lot of people cheated, the following will do some of the common fraud in order to analyze, hoping to be helpful to everyone, buyers note Carefully trap a trick another trick, see below brightest traps and countermeasures to do in order to analyze:

(1) Caution cheap trap:
For example: buy mobile phones in particular, the new out of expensive mobile phone prices, of course, in the market, selling more than 3,000 ringgit, while in parallel online much cheaper, around 2,000 ringgit can buy, some priced just half the market price, and some more outrageous, Laptop market in more than 6000 ringgit ringgit online sell over 2000, to have such a good thing? Such a thing possible? The gap is too big now! What seller called contraband goods, the customs withhold punishment, capital flow, however the debt, the most ridiculous is that small is secretly come, so cheap to sell.

You dare to buy it? If you have this idea, liar began his wishful thinking, and let you pay the deposit, you get the goods, do not be afraid to pay him money. Some liar said, the company provides, you must pay much money to do before they can pressure gold shipment, they want you to send money to each other's company accounts, in fact, is a liar own account, some borrowed a friend's account, you can not be fooled is obviously a scam. If you like this product, or find another bar, not so good.

(2) Credit hype trap:
Buyers in the purchase of goods must pay attention to the seller's credit, look at each other's praise, it is someone else this seller an objective evaluation. If you see that there are many sellers of credit rating Poor's. This time we look carefully, or go elsewhere now. Some buyers credit a bit exaggerated, even more ridiculous is that there are specialized to help people hype buyer credit.

Think about it like this come true credit seller how much water? For such a thing to note carefully analyzed. If the other party is really the seller you dare believe each other? Hide Lai Buji, so you have to open your eyes and see the wisdom of it.

(3) to determine the commodity trap:
In the film must be before the other party and the other commodities please clear this product features, quality, specifications, etc. clearly recognized, all the factors are taken into account, if the goods have quality problems is not to exchange, electronic products, is not there the warranty period, the warranty for how long, and the like on some clothes and online picture description if the color is not the same is not to change?

If you have these problems, you need a good long time to be able to choose what is the best way of transportation, etc. These problems ask, what other say is that this time must be careful, you also have to strengthen the anti-guilty consciousness, be sure to save these chats Well, this is evidence in favor of future disputes this problem, but very important piece of evidence, can not be ignored. After the party would quibble that you put these records to the customer, the other impress the bar.

(4) Payment Trap:
On a good product and price , also confirmed a good product specifications, features, quality, etc., would have to pay this time, because the use of the online shopping is basically the first payment and then shipped. Each other for various reasons, that there is no payment, Alipay bad trouble and other reasons, want you to give him a direct transfer to the other account, the word liar many reasons, in order to let you use Alipay transaction, which is obviously one another hoax . At this time we must pay attention to resolutely use Alipay transaction. Safe and secure, guaranteed for both parties.

(5) Delivery the trap:
If you order a product you like, but it is some of the faces received broken merchandise, or there is a quality of the goods, even more ridiculous is that some crooks hair is some of the newspaper, this time you must pay attention, if it is Express, you can face in front of courier post office to check if the goods are in front of post office staff can also be present, it was discovered the problem you can reject, then you must pay attention to the shipping company, please out, according to proof. Immediately and contact the other party, the other party if you do not agree, you can complain to each other.

(6) Confirm receipt Trap:
Have not received the goods on various pretexts sellers ask the buyer to confirm receipt, this time we must pay attention, do not bother each other stick to principles. Satisfaction after confirm receipt of the goods, but also pay attention to the other party is not shipped with the surface, and Alipay confirmed shipped by express, and so you have not received the goods on the automatic payment of Alipay (courier 10 days / surface 30 days ), during which you must be good and the other may require the seller to discuss the extension of trading time or a direct request returns. If you do not receive the goods can negotiate with each other to see what the problem, if there is Alipay automatic payment, please contact customer service.

(7) Returns Trap:
If you are not satisfied with the goods you buy need to swap, the seller wants you to return the goods to go first, and then give you a replacement. Some crooks intentional and drag you time, some crooks when you return the goods nowhere to be found. You must take each other to discuss how exchange, postage, how to pay? These issues should be considered, keep records. Note track conditions do not effect. If the goods have questions you can also put a photo made into a commodity to record. This is evidence.

In short, when you think about each purchase, this thing reasonable and unreasonable, and the world did not fall out of it, even if there may not be able to fall on your head. The mentality of being. Indeed some criminals use online shopping cheat money, but as long as we do not take any cheap, choose a credit guaranteed websites and sellers safe payment way, learn to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests of criminals would have no chance succeed.


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