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Product Overview
Pebble Smart Watch is a Silicon Valley start-up companies Pebble Technology has designed a mobile phone compatible with the iPhone and Android smart watches, the user can directly view the Pebble Watch iMessage SMS iOS device and it can display the caller's information, you can also browse the Internet, real-time remind you of email, text messaging, microblogging and social networking information.

The watch dial polishing done very well equipped with color-rich multi-layered polycarbonate dial border. Pebble Smart Watch special light overall weight, only 38.2 grams, but people feel very solid workmanship is exquisite. Sides and back of the watch are black, and completely sealed (in 5 m depth of water). dial to the right there are three buttons: up, select, down, and left the configuration of the back key and the magnetic power connector. research and development team, said watch's built-in battery can be used after seven days per charge.

Pebble Smart Watch configured 1.26 inches backlit electronic paper screen (resolution of 144 x 168, only black and white), although the resolution is low, but the display is not bad. BiaoShen built-in Bluetooth 4.0 radio module, vibration motor, speed meter and compass, which have some very interesting new features, such as tapping the border can watch the screen light up the watch is simple and intuitive user interface, you can use the up and down two buttons to switch between menus using the Select button you can make a selection, while the back button you can return to the previous menu. tuning software has done a very good job, the system runs very smoothly, the user interface is also very quick response quickly.

On the main menu has three built-in clock display mode, a music application, an alarm clock application, the setup menu and the "Start" guide on iOS or Android device using the R & D team developed applications, you can use Bluetooth to transfer up to eight watches Clock display mode / application. Pebble smart watch can receive text messages, e-mail and other notifications alert (such as iMessage, Google Talk and social networking reminder). Watches on the application of the device can be turned into a compatible AVRCP remote control at this time you can control the Bluetooth setup menu , time and screen settings.
Pebble Smart Watch $ 149 (about 930 yuan), with black, gray, red, orange (strap is black) and white (strap is white) five options.

Product Features
Pebble has a slim smart watches in addition to attractive appearance, but also has a vibrator, a triaxial accelerometer and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. Difference is that with inPulse Pebble uses e-paper display, this screen with the LCD screen does not the same instant in the sun, the screen content can also be clearly seen as the same as the Kindle display.

Capacity in life, this watch can be used continuously for seven days. This watch uses a USB charging port, so the charge is also very convenient. Besides the watch is scratch-resistant material used, ideal for regular outdoor sports users.
Users can Pebble via Bluetooth with your iPhone or Android mobile phone is connected to, and through the application of App Store downloads Pebble In addition you can also customize the receiving mail, telephone, text messaging and other ringtones.
The watch is currently supporting a variety of applications, covering the bike, golf and other activities running through Peblle acceleration in mind that exercise can act as a monitor, like Nike + FuelBank same.

User response and product progress
In April last year, Pebble founding team at KickStarter by a cool video and multiple beautifully designed diagram shows the Pebble, as compared with an ordinary watch, its greatest feature is the ability to pair with the iPhone and Android phones, display phones, SMS and other information within a few days, the entrepreneurial team received more than 85,000 orders and the support of more than 10 million U.S. dollars of funds, making Pebble KickStarter its inception has become one of the most successful financing projects.

At that time, Pebble team promised to begin shipping in September 2012, but was delayed for various reasons. Pebble team on January 10, 2013 at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) announced, Pebble has delivered production in 2013 January 23 onwards suppliers.
Pebble founder and CEO Eric Mickey Khodorkovsky (Eric Migicovsky), said: "Seeing Pebble popular in KickStarter platform, we have been convinced that it can fight the mainstream product, we spend a lot of time to perfect Pebble's hardware configuration and software design, we want it to become an overnight success, which is also the reason Pebble sale was postponed. "

The first sale of Pebble will have most of the functionality demonstrated in the video, including iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth pairing, download Pebble applications, configuration Pebble enable display text messages, emails and missed calls reminder. Additionally, users can Replace Pebble "desktop", or use it to play music.

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