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As technology developed, the development and popularization of the internet, online shopping has become increasingly popular, and even has become a part of people's daily lives; believe there must be a lot of people have been through online shopping. Online shopping is usually referred to as "online shopping", that is, commodity information retrieval through the Internet and through electronic purchase order buy goods or services they need. Online shopping is the traditional direct store "moving" back home through the Internet to buy goods they need or enjoy the services they need.

Online shopping has a convenient, fast, low operating costs, inventory pressure is small advantages, such as technology and systems improvement, online shopping has become a popular form of shopping. Simply network operations, homes, you can home delivery, and has a perfect service. After confirming purchase information, follow the system prompts the user to directly manipulate payment can be. However, if the seller of goods payment platform does not support the form of payment, you can talk to the seller to negotiate, take cash and other forms of payment.

Online Shopping - Advantages

- Easy
Online shopping without any time restrictions. It can be open to customers 24 hours, at home, "going shopping" and order without time and place restrictions

- Products
Products are purchased online audio-visual equipment, electrical appliances, communication products, computers, software, books, cosmetics, etc., but also that in real life do not buy products, these products online is very complete.

- Affordable
Online shopping site has a lot to choose from, you can effortlessly look at several price, not shop around, but the goods than one thousand, as long as you are willing to spend a little patience and time, you can order what you want to spend less money To goods

- To facilitate payment
Now every shopping site has security account management, online payment more traditional take cash payments more secure, enter the number you can easily shop, you can avoid cash lost or looted.

- Saves time and effort
From ordering, potential buyers, the goods need to come visit the scene, both time and effort

Online Shopping - Disadvantages

Gap is too large:
Image processing introduces buyers rely on to understand the sellers to sell products, online shopping can only look at pictures, you can not see the real thing. Photos, after all photos, not to mention photos can also be carried out by software beautify it. Caused a lot of buyers will feel after receipt of goods in kind and photos are not the same. This is not as good as in the mall to buy the rest assured.

Can not be tried:
Online shopping can only look at pictures and simple presentation of items, but can not touch the real total uncomfortable, like clothes and shoes and the like, can not see is appropriate. Buy in the mall, you can try on, fit you can instantly buy, do not consider that much. The online shopping, to buy the fit is not easy because there are some differences in size, but more difficult to return online.

Online Payment unsafe:
Online crooks, more and more often worrying online payment, you may be peeping. Such as a user's personal information, bank account passwords transaction process, the process of transfer of funds security. Try not to choose Internet cafes and other public places, computers have to install antivirus software to conduct online transactions. Or better to reputable businesses to conduct online shopping.

Businesses Honesty:
The biggest drawback is that online shopping is not face to face delivery, the buyer at the time of payment only pray. Sometimes encounter poor attitude shopkeeper, ask a few questions becomes impatient. Now more and more online fraud, skill level is not too poor, buyers tend to covet some of the temptation to be fooled with cheap, so the buyers to be cautious.

Scientific and technological progress and keep in developed, the speed of the express mail faster than before I do not know how many times, but as a buyer we still have to wait, the fast few days, weeks or longer does not necessarily have to slow it The taste can be described as torture during the dead, fearing the transportation process will be out of position.

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