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     May 30, Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd. to bring a new generation of self-artifact EX-TR350 new debut, the new machine is equipped with an upgraded version of beauty mode, make self more beautiful. Meanwhile, the built-in wireless, handheld smart phones can be remotely controlled self-confirmation screen, the new mobile phone and camera shooting mode to achieve a seamless linkage.

      Self artifact TR series has been released since 2011, with 360-degree rotation borders, enabling 270 degree rotation of the body and the powerful beauty facial features, has many fashionable women of all ages. Shanghai company has launched the TR150, TR200 and a variety of limited edition models listed personality craze set off immediately after, hard to find multiple occurrences of a stock-out situation.

        New listing EX-TR350, TR series in adhering to strong self-timer function, while in the body appearance excellence and outer box, configure the shutter button, you can press the shutter button handheld outline the self-timer, women hold more convenient to use . Meanwhile, equipped with wireless transmission function, through the smart phone operating TR, in the perspective of their favorite favorite Pose a self portrait, shot from the side back self as possible. 920,000 pixel high-definition LCD screen, picture clearer.

Meanwhile, popular among women users welcomed the further escalation of beauty mode, in addition to brighten the complexion smooth skin "natural" beauty mode, the new carrying "whitening" mode can also be achieved 12 adjustable beauty model.

TR350 bring new features stunning debut, the strong performance of its upgraded, so that self-escalating fun, but also make the process easier Self freedom.

The main features of EX-TR350

Smooth shooting experience

· It carries "EXILIM Engine HS Ver3"

EXILIM Engine HS Ver3. EXILIM Engine HS Ver3 by a reconfigurable processor and vector graphics core communication. Reconfigurable processor includes dual-CPU and dual processing circuit, the latest technology to achieve high-performance and high-speed image processing. Vector graphics core can be smoothly carried out two-dimensional drawing. Can achieve approximately 1 second speed start, the shooting interval of about 0.31 seconds, about 0.81 seconds autofocus shutter time and no interval. In addition, the playback speed to about 0.1 seconds, playback smoother.

※ The above time is based on the CIPA standard data.

Equipped with many features, quality is more beautiful, fun, stronger

· Make-up Mode newly added "whitening" mode

In addition to a healthy smooth skin "natural" beauty mode, the new carrying "whitening" mode can also be achieved 12 adjustable, always able to shoot a beautiful color to your satisfaction.

· Self-after pleasure "Drawing"

Users can shoot the photos for DIY. Handwritten text, add, including heart-shaped and star of the ten lovely unique identifier. DIY also be edited later.

· The new art filters equipped with "shine shoot"

Unreal soft focus effect with shiny spot. Self-portrait is more fantasy.

· 920,000 capacitive screen display photos more beautiful

Equipped with a 920,000 pixel pixel 3.0-inch high-definition LCD screen. Capacitive screen, the operation more smoothly.

Self easier

· Equipped with a new frame shutter button, the self-timer is more convenient

Previous models of ancient tradition of hand-held camera self-timer camera mode is a continuation of this TR350 new additional wireless transmission function. Confirmation screen handheld smart phones and keep pressing the shutter timer. Using the self-timer frame when the shutter button, the playback picture may be through a small box. User confirmation screen photos, satisfied with the choice to save the photos.

· Implementation of the new smartphone operating self-

Use "Remote Shooting" mode, a confirmation screen handheld smart phones, and in the satisfaction of the border when pressed the shutter. Can be photographed in their favorite moments of their favorite Pose, slanted side faces and backs have become possible. In addition, the photograph can instantly send photos to your smartphone, the previous model in the picture without the need for selection, operation more convenient.

Design excellence, more feminine

· Two-color composite exterior coating, look more texture.

Coating process excellence, look more texture. Into one of two different materials, like crystal crystal clear show the most.

· Handheld box more mellow, convenient handheld

Outline a more rounded curve design, grip feel better.

· The new lens design

Female jewelry ring design as inspiration comes. Part two ring around the lens, the camera itself is both functional, but also on delicate and luxury for the perfect interpretation.

· Body tricolor

Sparkling red, crystal white, cool black


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