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Where to shop online purchase cheaper? Shop online friends always want to know where to purchase some of the more cost-effective. Low cost, and that higher profits. Everyone knows this, so where the purchase is critical.


Where to purchase online shop cheaper? In fact, supply channel selection, platforms or a lot, the key is to find their own suppliers. Good quality goods does not necessarily become good sources. Buyer is not simply the pursuit of product quality but cost-effective. Only cost-effective sources of supply can be able to win buyers prefer. Here's Taobao and Alibaba platform, Taobao distribution platform, an affiliate site, the existing wholesale market analysis.


1, Taobao
Taobao is the largest network of retail and business district, with the majority of Chinese online shoppers, covering most of China's online shopping population. Taobao is the new generation of professional network wholesale services website. Intensive with strong global sourcing advantage, wealth management services for e-commerce experience and the most advanced Internet technology to provide the latest and the best, most high-quality sources. Taobao lot of things can be said that the preferred purchase channel, because the threshold is relatively low, there is no relationship between manufacturers do not need to run the wholesale market. However, Taobao quality level is not homogeneous. But the price is a lot of things are not low, hard to find low-cost, wholesale volume is insufficient, and also often worry about quality issues. Because Taobao too, cohabitation, there is rampant fakes, so those of us novices or prohibitive. Taobao recently broke the news found a lot of fakes, which made us not relieved.


2, Ali Baba
Alibaba is the ball all the largest and most active online trade market, Alibaba is an online trade, to purchase all of the NPC on this site purchase, because there are many kinds, but multi-vendor, there is considerable room to choose from, so Everybody up restocked. Alibaba wholesale advantage is that in the online operation is very easy, and many things are factory direct supply, the price is definitely better than from the wholesaler to get cheap and good online compare prices, I think the best is that in Alibaba Basically anything can be found, he was an infinitely large market, but very easy to search. Alibaba big reputation, focus on how profitable foreign and development of entrepreneurial change, adapt to the development of e-commerce era, Alibaba members do long do bigger customers, certainly being taken seriously, because of social, business, industry is so realistic, customer price between stations is always behind the beneficiary. But no good cheap goods, like Alibaba B2B this treasure, free is always a pretense, follow-up sales, renewal, misappropriating induction platform. Membership venue is always free of charge for those entering the novice ready.


3, To provide a consignment website
Consignment is a model for online sales, you give manufacturers consignment, manufacturers give you supply, you are responsible for sales, then sell something to you commission. A generation of fat is the manufacturer to help you free shipping, a commodity may be able to send. On consignment shop is certain to provide online wholesale service website or can provide wholesale supply vendors, consignment shop with people who want to reach an agreement, pictures and other data to provide goods, rather than physical, and consignment price Shop consignment sales available to the people. Shop consignment shop can provide sources for free and convenient but do not want to shop some junior novice seller financing, which is its biggest advantage, but more and more affiliate sites only focus on sales, do not focus on channel management, easy impact on the brand. Consignment shop who do not hoard goods, the sale of goods belonging to wholesale website. Invisible kind. Generally only provide pictures and other data for the consignment shop on their own shop to sell. Behalf of the consignor consignment sales of goods, contact wholesale website, on its behalf by the shipping wholesale website.


Consignment shop benefits: Avoid Yahuo risk, reduce investment costs; saving time and cost, to complete the Distribution; enjoy wholesale discounts, unlimited number of styles; professional package delivery, save on labor costs; accumulated practical experience, so that both offensive and defensive . Consignment shop drawbacks is: reach physical, communication lack confidence; delivery time delays can not wish picking; sale can not be guaranteed in the event of sale disputes when the supplier shirk its responsibility, in order not to be buyers themselves Poor, had even bankruptcy, miserable.


4, The existing wholesale market
The so-called wholesale commercial market is pointing sellers, industry and business users to sell goods and services the commercial market. Specializes in the wholesale trade inserted between producers and producers, between producers and retailers in the middle of business. Its function is to buy and sell, acquire the goods come from producers and then selling it to other producers or retailers.

At this stage of the wholesale business wholesale system that constitutes the subject are: production enterprises Supplying wholesale, wholesale agents, third-party logistics enterprises wholesale, wholesale distribution centers and wholesale markets and wholesale supplier. In the wholesale market advantage is that you can see the goods, the quality is better grasp bad thing is that the wholesale market environment is not good, a lot of people, a lot of things, we often pick dazzled, to purchase is also very tired. In the wholesale market, often asking many time consuming. Especially for the novice, in the wholesale market, because of lack of experience get very low supply.

5, Taobao distribution platform
Distribution platform consists of two parts, namely consignment and wholesale. Consignment of the commodity prices by themselves and supplier agreements, general supplier given prices are lower than the market price, thus creating ample room for profit. Of course, the process of branding issues consignment merchants and suppliers by consensus. Under normal circumstances, suppliers will be awarded to the brand of goods dealers, so that the buyer asked Brand information, dealers can under the circumstances to answer buyers' questions.


Wholesale transactions with our real wholesale concept is basically the same, except that the wholesale distribution network transactions are in the process of implementation, modern rapid logistics wholesale saves a lot of freight costs, and for different needs in terms of parts Such network of wholesale goods or services can be implemented nationwide to share even the world share, for the business is a good choice. Distribution as an important part of sales channels, unlike the consignment, it will process the entire sales channel and strict control and management. Purchase does not assume risk and zero cost. Zero inventory.

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