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Whether worn on the body, or a device worn on the head, have become a hot fresh stuff. If you ask most anticipated wearable devices which, Google regarded as one of the glasses, but the most appetizing thing apple.

The difference is that with Google rumored Apple to develop the device is not worn glasses, but watch. No smoke without fire, especially in countries recently registered iWatch Apple released documents, iWatch odor seems to be getting closer. Now also insisted "no iWatch" has been justified on the fact, as a look up all of these on iWatch.

IWatch is a big project
According to sources, Apple has a team of designers around 100 people, is developing "one kind of watch-like device, the iPhone and iPad to complete tasks that can be handled." Where are the news? Is said to be from the "two people about this project," received the news.

This is not just a member of the design team of engineers iPad or iPhone, but also other Apple departments, such as software developers, managers, marketing personnel.

Given Jonathan now in Apple's position, this major project must be developed under his leadership. I heard he was a few years ago booked a few boxes of Nike sports watch, for research. If not for iWatch, it may be take a bribe Cook (Cook usually have to wear Nike sports watch). Of course, the first one comes from the news that after one is joking.

Cook did not idle, many public occasions that he was listening to imply IWatch items. In February this year, the investor conference, Cook told Apple investors "Obviously, we are exploring new types of equipment." As well as in May the All Things Digital 11 interview, he said that now is the time to explore the field of wearable devices.

We understand Cook for large projects are very excited about this, but apparently he secrecy perseverance to be honed.

Date? Unknown! Price? Unknown!
Google Glasses currently online price scared only high rich handsome dare touch (have to admit that only the rich handsome glasses before wearing out Google's temperament), if Apple really launch IWatch, how much will it sell? In short do not need to think about the high prices.

Remember before the release of the iPad, Apple will give all the guesses have not seen this product on the market pricing of $ 1,000. Now think of all amused. Although every new product has just been listed at high prices when they show it "rare" status, but Apple launched the "New Products" available very close to the people, so do not want to get the price of the IWatch how outrageous.

As for release date, also a lot of rumors related, according to sources in 2013 will certainly be released.

Cook in April when the promise "this fall and throughout the year 2014 there will be some really great new products," finally gave us some to look forward to.

Further, there are parts suppliers to the industry analyst said some of the messages, so that analysts make a "second half of 2013," the forecast.

IWatch with cambered Gorilla glass
It is understood that Apple's new project with the news, saying that "Apple is experimenting with a cambered glass wrist watch." It is said that this glass "can follow a person's wrist bent," Perhaps it's newly announced Willow Corning glass. Willow Glass can be powerful, like a fall from a height of paper floating down like, totally not broken. (Description seems exaggerated, but there is indeed a legend is not broken.)

If the rumors can not impress you, then look at Apple that can be bent elastic screen patents. It should be noted that Apple's patent application in advance of the day very few realize, so we can only hold good wishes.

Certainly has Bluetooth
This is a must. Now listed on the smart watches, which one does not have Bluetooth? Apple even then there is magic, want to watch with the iPhone with the use, IWatch how Bluetooth can not be separated, there is no Wi-Fi or a SIM card slot and then another said.

Must be a hermaphrodite
Although the watch can be divided into male and female models, but Apple's personality, it will only option that users have claimed, just launched a style iWatch. So it seems, iWatch must be a hermaphrodite in order to attract both male and female consumers.

Button Where?
Apple will say "Sorry, iWatch no buttons." If it is not able to use a watch by induction, but also with the other hand one in the above press to press to go watch it directly on the iPhone can not it do?

What function?
Outside iWatch features have been pretty close guess it, like Siri, maps, SMS, fitness, diet monitor these basically be a smart watch some of the functions, iWatch total which will not fall. But that does not think of it as a prop in science fiction, in the final analysis it is also just a smart watch.

But the iWatch Siri and Passbook will be more attractive than the other smart watches, of course, the premise is the ability to identify higher Siri, Passbook wider popularity.

The same is news that, IWatch the built-in real iOS system, rather than built-in systems such as the iPod nano.

It is true
No matter how the outside world pass was uproar, "Wall Street Journal," a talk, others are shut up. "Wall Street Journal," people familiar with through the words they say apple "are experimenting with watch-style design," and even went to "major manufacturer of precision to discuss this kind of equipment," but what function such equipment, they do not know . But do not underestimate these sources. Real leakers tend to choose the authority of the media as their channel.

Analysts had an account balance, assuming 3% of iPhone users buy an iWatch, iWatch price of $ 250 each, then Apple's sales each year in this one there is $ 2.3 billion. If 5-8% of iPhone users buy one of each, Apple had $ 5.7 billion of annual revenue. According to this view, unless grudges against Apple with the money, or who do not want to give up this fat.

Apple will face stiff competition
Apple can hold tolerant, but the market is already wearing riot scrambled. I will not speak has developed a finished Google glasses, Google itself is smart watches last year applied for a patent, and was confirmed by Google's Android division is indeed making a new development.

Apple's areas of interest where little had enemies samsung? Samsung has acknowledged is developing a smart watch, might have been the trademark patent applications disclose the name of the watch, called the Samsung Gear.

There are other well-known manufacturers such as LG, Sony. Last month, sony has launched a-kind Smart Watch, Android phones can receive any data sent to that instantly update Facebook and Twitter messages.

Does not replace the iPhone or iPod
Regardless of the rumors say how amazing it, return to reason, it would at best be an iPhone accessory, there may even be tying with the iPhone. It can not be used to call, it is impossible to play the game in the above, and may even functions are not even listening to music, because it does not carry a large capacity, but you can control the music pocket iPhone, like sony The Smart Watch Android devices can be used to control the music player the same.

Analysis IWatch rumor is not difficult, the only way we can rationally analyze what the rumors too outrageous, what a little mean, but you can not be too careful, Apple always at the last second to give us surprises.

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