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With the rapid development of Internet, e-commerce, more and more enterprises have been personally brought unexpected opportunities. May really want to do e-commerce, on-line shop, and can be described as easy entry door is difficult, so much competition, jungle big market, product quality, logistics, security and other issues will affect their business processes, and even against their own financial enthusiasm . But since it was driven to revolt, made the choice they should do this ahead, you can not give up, how can operate their own online shop can do, after reflection learn again, and I also really rewarding new store, combining traditional marketing model and a new e-commerce model, each other, to share my experiences again to everyone, wish everyone run their own shop.

1, positioning allowed, without the loss of
Online shop, convenient for others, to enrich themselves, but also to achieve their desired path, but not a product can be in the online "convenience", such as fast moving consumer goods (fruit), bulky goods (furniture), luxury (jewelry jewelry) and so on. Conventional point of sale of these products is large shopping malls or supermarkets, compared with three bags shop in providing security, commodity, etc. scene feel there is a big limitation.
So in order to get higher sales, you have to do is identify the target, sword mandrel. Specific Reference: descending delineated objectives.

A, Determine the scope of sales: sales of the product within the context of seeking target group.

B, Determine the product characteristics: for their own products sold identify the direction, you need a clear product characteristics include:
* What kind of products
* Product is what function
* These functional performance where, for what kind of person
* Product give what target groups


C, Target groups delineated; narrow positioning range, to further clarify objectives. Including:
* Suitable for what kind of person
* Suitable for ages what
* Suitable for some special needs of these people

D,To determine sales strategy: sales strategy is based on their marketing ideas for product sales methods, a good way to be successful wings, often play a multiplier effect. Illustrated here two ideas of your reference:
* Determine sell to
* Determine how to sell

2, Take the price advantage, boost sales
E-commerce is a double-edged sword, we have to understand its advantages into full play. E-commerce information fast, wide-ranging, complex and diverse consumer base, the same goods that consumers can easily and quickly access to cost-effective and accurate information, so sales of products in the product advantages advantage is price, better quality, brand worth mentioning, is fundamentally different from ground sales, same product, same quality, or the same price, consumers can purchase locally, why consuming, cumbersome to go online to buy the same things do, so the price is the vital factor in improving sales, If the purchase cost is high, in the fierce competition, there is no price advantage, it will naturally affect sales. In fact, online sales, most still rely on the difference to profitability. Click on the profits from a product gap: is the cost price, the next is the sales price, the cost price to get the advantage in order to sell good foreshadowing. So you must be the source of broad, it is best to "smooth and slick."

3, Lower profits, puerile
According to edit Baidu ( and look at it closer, or similar products on Taobao will search again, Oh, you'll find far more than one thousand similar competing products, subdivided, is not found in similar products homogeneity is very serious . Then start to think calmly, if your product and its homogeneity, how to advantage at all, besides buyers shopping online, usually "goods than one hundred million" because the buyer is directed at the prices, so the prices are often was low, thus reducing commodity operating profit margins, unless you are exclusive, monopoly sales (such as China Telecom). But also allows you to get puerile "win-win"; multiplier principle and the use of e-commerce itself features extensive information fast, puerile way, it can bring you more buyers - reputation and profits.

4, Go beyond, refusing Crimping goods
Every season season, most stores are doing the final clearance processing, to clothing, for example: summer clothes play very attractive discounts, and autumn in just when the market is generally not very discounted, so now is the Spread fight, crazy sale a good time. Autumn arrival number, must be based on the actual situation, the plan changes may not be dumped cheaper, and loss of their own, within their means, go beyond advisable for.

5, Do it well or not at all.
In writing this title, it was also deeply appreciate the novice, I, once met a criticism of education for my "older." Shop newly opened, in order to flush the goods as soon as possible on the whole, so unscrupulously taking it every thing on the last, there is no consideration is not suitable for their own sales positioning, resulting in the "senior" to browse the store time to even give pain Batch meal. The following quote the words of the older generation: "Today I read your store's 'baby' in addition to a part called the fine, the other is rubbish." (If not sound good but I was impressed right).

"Since Amoy Bora to buy things, we should be able to Amoy to decent baby, how can you be called is 'Taobao' it?" (Think back, his statement is absolutely justified, Taobao Taobao Ma always "Taobao" The name is not taken at random)

So brief yet so sharp, then I suddenly came to understand, so without hesitation will be called "junk" products all under the frame, hey! Do not say this trick really so that the shop full is fine, the next day a deal a deal quickly.

6, not to use credit arrogance
To Taobao online credit system, for example, after each transaction, buyers and sellers through the mutual evaluation to the cumulative own credit. Credit is low, a direct impact on shop sales, and even allows shops closed. And then again, sit back and relax with high credit do, of course not! High credit sometimes become a stumbling block, while sellers at this time also tend Domination arrogant, rely on their own rave, waiting for business door, turn away buyers, enthusiasm slump. Once this cycle stuck with high credit of the seller, do not look at the consequences envisaged, since relying on honesty come today, then we still have to stick to it, the business is doing better every day, in order to novice seller attitude demands on themselves, party is the winner.

7, Cross the river by feeling the stones

On this issue, many people were wondering, especially for the novice, it is hard to understand. We can casually stroll Taobao on a stroll, not difficult to find two drills, three or even five diamond drill sellers abound in envy of others at the same time, do not calm down right side to make some success stories to explore why people succeeded so quickly, while they always do anything less? Borrow an old saying might be able to find a little inspiration: good by the wind more efficiently. Meanwhile, more information must be firm, persistent, remember: Heaven chip handling.
To find a way to be successful, but not everyone can easily find a shortcut to success, in this situation, many people are still inherent in accordance with their own way, step by step, conformist thought it was doing something Inf . Anyway, can not say that this approach is not feasible, but quite backward, think carefully, in today's highly competitive market environment, with the most original way to explore, and will certainly be thrown far behind . So, copying someone else's successful approach is tantamount to borrow to help fly from the east.

8, Do not find a way, alone sigh
Successful experience for us to learn where patterns can, but not all roads copy, because a successful manner, and not for everyone, it is subject to time, place, environment and many other factors.
Therefore, the copy mode as Qucuqujing, they are useful to learn the essence, and then add your own ideas mastery is the best policy. Now on Taobao can see a lot of people complain that their non-stop browsing shop less, sales do not increase, the template will not do so! Personally, I think its like complaining, whining constantly, not as to its own problems bring together the network of expert advice to believe that they will enthusiastically want to help, so that both targeted, but also to get a quick answer, in fact, a good way. We believe Inf, we must also believe that God is not pro-Mi Yu Gong move mountains. Hyperactive brain, hyperactivity hands, do summarize, in order to find effective methods.

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