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Web Hosting on Your Own Web Server or Renting a Server from Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

If you plan to host your website on your own server, consider the following expenses:


  • Hardware expenses – You need to have a powerful server hardware and 24-hour high speed connection, a low cost PC cannot run a 'real' website.
  • Software expenses – Server licenses are always more expensive than client licenses, and the limitation on number of users.
  • Labor expenses – Hardware and software Installation fees, bugs and virus protection, and keep your server constantly running in an environment where "anything could happen".

On the other hand, renting a server from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is more common than hosting on your own server. Most businesses choose to store their website on a server provided by an ISP. Let's see what are the advantages:

  • Connection speed – Most ISPs' provide speed connection
  • Powerful hardware – ISPs always provide powerful web server to be shared by companies. They will also provide effective load balancing as well as backup servers to prevent loss of data.

  • Security and Stability – ISPs are web hosting specialists who can provide more than 99% up time, updated software patches and the best virus protection.

When you choose an Internet Service Provider (ISP), consider the following list:


  1. Do they provide 24-hour support?

  2. Do they run a daily backup routine?

  3. Check bandwidth and content restrictions

  4. Check the traffic volume restrictions

  5. Are you using Frontpage to develop your website? If yes, does the ISP supports Frontpage server extensions?

  6. What are the e-mail capabilities provided by the ISP?

  7. Are you plan to use data from databases on your website? If yes, does the ISP support it?

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