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Website includes selecting a good domain name; determine the site theme; master networking tools; determine web interface; determine the site style; creative content selection; promote their own websites; These are the sites a basic production processes, to understand and master the above points , your site is a good site to it.

Master Plan
When you want to create a site must have been viewed in the online n hours, and when you see someone else's website, or by a friend "to my page look at the" mental stimulation, began to produce the impulse building site! But this time do not know the purpose of the construction site, which you do not know what made the pages "home" that what furnishings. So should calm down and think about how to plan website.

First, set up a goal for the site, this goal is not simple example: I want to be a pretty site, or I want to be a powerful website. You have to ask yourself, why do I have to do this site? What then want to attract people to visit this site? You do not expect the site owner will like your more detailed description of this web site, the more likely your site will succeed!

Again, the site once it has been established after the goal is to organize the site's content. Including articles, images, videos, and then we set out the structure of the site, such as what kind of website should have a theme, others to see what web pages. Then, trying to which the site's content is divided into several units, each of the following, what kind of classification, and finally you have to consider the site's functionality, your website or need message function ah, forums, ah, etc., which can then be According to these requirements, start building sites.

Create web pages
Different industries, corporate website's main colors, site structure, design styles are different, but they all should follow a clear, concise and practical principles. Such as science and technology enterprises, the main colors are mostly blue, blue people feel rational, professional, reflecting the industry's innovative; wedding photography industry in general to large red color, large red represents happiness, happy, reflecting the service sector enthusiasm. In addition, the site's overall page design should be prioritized, focused, allowing visitors to easily find the desired content. Not only to make visitors feel style, but also easy to maintain their own web site. Finally, the idea of ​​a "spectacular" of the facade (Home Page).

Page layout can be broadly divided into "country" fonts, corner type, "T" shape, "L" shaped, integrated framework type, Flash type, change type, discussed here do not eleven. In fact, we do the design and not too much time to consider what form, the most important thing is to seize the customer's needs.

In some sites advertising (pop-up ads, floating ads, big ads, banner advertising, banner ads, etc. ......) people feel bored, there is simply not willing to run, and sometimes even you are not on the site, so a to the site has been severely affected, did not achieve the purpose of advertising. These are problems that we need to consider in the design of site before, you need to plan the contents of one.

In web design, font handling and color, layout, graphics and other design elements the same treatment. Graphical text is the text with pictures to show the form, this form sub-sections of the page which is most commonly used because it has a prominent, but also beautify the page and make the page more humane enhanced visual effects. If you focus on the demands of the text as a page, you can bold, underline, font size increase, plus indicative symbols, tilt, change font color and other means to consciously strengthen the visual effect of the text so that it appears on the page as a whole in outstanding and eye-catching.

Match colors
With a color. Here is the first select a color, and then adjust the transparency or saturation, such as light blue, light yellow, light green; or yellowish brown, Tuhui, earth blue. This page looks unified color and layered, this color method most commonly used species in website design. Try to control the three colors or less, in order to avoid web flower, chaos, no primary colors appear. Background and contrast as before, to a large, (Never use complicated patterns as a background pattern), in order to highlight the main text.

Test site
Web design is completed, the last to be published to a Web server to be able to make friends around the world watching, and there are many tools for uploading, some web authoring tool itself with FTP function, use these FTP tool, you can easily put publish to their home storage server applications. Website upload later, you want to open in the browser own website, page by page-by-link test, identify problems and timely changes, then upload test. Fully tested you can put your website tell a friend and let them browse.

Web Promotion
On the network to establish a home business online is an important sign, but you can not mean that you're done. Because a modern design, fully functional website, if no one point of view would not achieve the proper role of the. How do propaganda Home? In order to allow more people to visit the website, you must have a detailed marketing programs, including chat rooms, message posted everywhere, send E-MAIL notify friends, log search engine, using free advertising to exchange connection and so on.

Maintenance Updates
Customers increasingly demanding. 've Said, you pay for, no good goods cheaper. Quality sites are not recognized by customers naturally, poor service or no service, then you have to constantly update your website, increasing web content and web presence to make up for deficiencies.

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