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First, what isProcurement?
Simply put, you are purchasing is inconvenient to purchase goods locally, by a person or a platform for you to act on behalf of purchase.

Second, the significance of Procurement
1, the domestic goods cheaper, variety, size, color, texture is more suitable
2, reducing the number of transactions cumbersome trouble (you only need to produce and buy Joy purchasing transactions)
3, save on international shipping (to integrate multiple items into one parcel delivery)
4, using a variety of monetary payment (dollar, euro, Australian dollar, etc.)
5, enjoy buying Wyatt purchasing a sound service system, without fear or customs may vary parcel logistics risk of loss arising from
6, advance inspection of goods (goods the problem for you at home on return / exchange solving)

Third, how to do procurement

1, the selection of the desired product - you can almost all shopping sites such as Taobao, Dangdang, Amazon, eBay, pat and other selected items.
2 Fill purchasing single - product information page address, name, price, etc. here to fill out and submit.
3, shopping cart settlement - will want to buy items to add to cart, you can submit a settlement. Settlement can be a piece of merchandise, it can be more than.
4, waiting to buy - the settlement is complete, you simply wait for your purchase to us. Usually, we will soon be able to process your order.
5, package delivery - when your goods status shows as "the warehouse", it can be packaged shipped. You will be prompted to fill in the consignee information and pay international freight service charge. Please keep the receipt process in Tel smooth, post office usually phone ahead before delivery. You can also rely on our waybill number provided direct contact with your local post office.
6, confirm receipt - after you receive the package, remember to visit our website, to confirm receipt and post your valuable suggestions and evaluate the purchasing, we are willing to listen to the sound from your.

Fourth, how much Procurement costs

In the course of serving you, we will charge you a small fee (10%), for the packaging of goods, storage, staff salaries and corporate development. At the same time, you also get discounts on merchandise (goods discount rate averaged about 8.2 percent).

Fifth, what goods can be purchasing
In principle, you can purchasing any prohibited unless required by law to send items (such as coins, antiques, narcotics, etc.). Relying on strong China Post clearance capability, you can book purchasing any clothing, cosmetics, food, electrical appliances and other household items (due to differences in customs policy, some special time may be increased inspection efforts).

Six, delivery area which

Almost all regions of the world, we offer a variety of shipping methods can be mailed.

Seven, how long you can receive the parcel

If you submit a package request before five pm Beijing time, we will arrange next day delivery; If after five parcels will be shipped the next day. Use DHL delivery, time takes about four days; EMS way about one week; AIR mode is 1-4 weeks.

Eight is the number of freight

We offer you a standard far below the market price of shipping, EMS minimum 5.5 fold, freight minimum 18 yuan.

Nine, How to pay

We support the vast majority of the country's online payment credit card, Paypal, bank cards in some countries, the domestic bank cards; while also accept domestic bank transfer.

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